The world is changing faster and faster,
are you prepared?

Digital technology, global communication, empowered consumers and deregulated markets shape the society of tomorrow. Companies, governments and individuals face an unprecedented turmoil with both opportunities and threats.

I have spent my life trying to understand the challenges and advice on how to best benefit from the situation. I challenge, inspire and question - together we find the solution.


I perform key-notes and lectures on wide range of topics concerning digital transformation and change. Recent assignments include business model innovation, product- and service design, digital marketing and the digiphysical customer.


My books and papers deal with digital strategy and communication. Var Bra! (Liber Publishing House) was nominated as Best Swedish Marketing Book.


I provide strategic advice and guidance to clients in various assignments. I have vast experience as board- and advisory-board member.

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Not many things in life are free. The assortment of thoughts and lectures below are an exception. Enjoy.

  • User-centric business (Swedish)

    As technical and social change in society become greater and greater, many buiness models will become obsolete. Companyes that put users and their needs in focus can create the winning buiness models of the future.

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  • The future of Business Models

    Three areas that shape the business models of the future: own less, embrace more and offer perfect choices.

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  • Three steps to smarter business (Swedish)

    Many companies need to challenge their business models to stay relevant. In this whitepaper we discuss three important drivers that can lead to smarter business.

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  • From iron ore to raw data (Swedish)

    Yesterday, resources like iron ore was important to create a successful business. Today areas like production, delivery, sales and marketing have changed drastically due to the digital revolution.

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  • Fail forward to become successful (Swedish)

    In todays environment of ever faster change companies and organizations need to establish a culture where it is ok to take a risk. Trying and learning may be the best strategy for innovation.

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  • Access my slides

    Most of my thoughts that have been presented as slides are available at my slideshare account.

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